Today was CAP Day 2 and we picked up from what we had accomplished yesterday. We left off the previous day with a completed tire game structure, some painted benches, and a half finished tire border around the park. We still had a lot to do. So today, we got back to work.

We arrived at Loma de Yaque at around 10 am. Upon getting there, we split the group into three sub-groups, each working on a different task. The first group worked on digging holes for the slide, see-saw, and the tire border. Meanwhile, the second group worked on smoothing out the play structures with sand paper. Lastly, the third group was tasked with cleaning the remaining tires and benches, and painting them.

Everyone was working really hard and we were able to accomplish a lot today, from finishing the paint jobs on the merry-go-round and see-saw to completing another tire border. Because of our efficiency, we were able to begin working on our second project: restoring the basketball court, which involved cleaning up the cracks on the ground and patching them with cement.

Overall, today was a very productive day. Although it was pretty hot, everyone was on task and focused on one goal: turning the once empty patch of land into a beautiful children’s playground. Our hard work began to pay off towards the end of the day when we saw kids and members of the community jump onto the merry-go-round and play with it. It was very heartwarming to see them happy and it encouraged us to work even harder to complete the project tomorrow.