Hey everyone,
It’s the Leaders of the Day Daniel, Imani, and Olga! We’ll start off this blog with a rap we sang to the other Glimpsers to wake them up this morning at 5:30/6:00.
“Good Morning
Good Morning
It’s 5:30 in the morning
You best not be snoring
Today’s not gonna be boring
Better get yourself downstairs
Butts in them chairs
Table @ 6:30
We’ll make sure your hands ain’t dirty
Gonna board that’s big bus
Get to school in no rush
Better fill up them cups
Class ain’t gonna suck
Better run up them stairs dashin
Commitment Courage Compassion “

Telling our students it was our second to last day of teaching was filled with mixed emotions. As teachers , the best we can provide our students is what we know with love and care. Although a few of us gave our students final exams, some decided to take them out for a game of soccer and volleyball. After class we took the buses back to La Primavera for a ten minute change from our business casual clothes into our DIRTY Community Action Project clothing.

When we arrived back at the school 21 de Abril , everyone came prepared and motivated to continue their projects. Our mural group (Matilda, Alvin, Sabrina, Lisa, Frank, etc ) made lots of progress in completing their mural of Chimborazo and the map of Riobamba. The bathroom group (Michael, Ruby, Kaitlyn, Daniel, Eliza, Jessica, and Andrew) finished plastering the walls and painting the bathrooms blue. Outside wall group (Emily, Abby,Gemma, Waleska, and Palden) finished painting the base and started sketching their mural. The Basketball court group (Perla, Jose, Josh, with the help of Breana, Olga, Caitlyn, Heather, Tyrese, Kevin , and of course Javier who is one of the many roaming dogs on our construction site) finished the repainting the lines and backboards. Inside wall group (Imani, Jaydel, Shanelle, Emelyn, Michelle, Emily , Nacho, and Kevin) made progress on painting the inside courtyard walls in rainbow colors.

Shanelle was the DJ today with the throwback songs, which had everyone singing and dancing along. Overall we all hope to make make a change for students of the school for many years after we leave and our projects are completed.

At around 4pm when we got back from the school, some students got a very needed shower which didn’t remove the paint stains. While some went out to the hardware store to get more materials and others to buy more school supplies for the classrooms. The night concluded with teaching prep, and dinner which started with chicken feet soup (not for everyone) and a way better entree. Of course lastly we had our nightly meeting.

As much as we love it here I think all of us are counting down the days and missing our own beds and familiar food.

See you all on Saturday, please don’t be late.

Olga : Had my first conversation in only Spanish with a lady at the store and we actually got all the supplies we needed. I might come back like 10% fluent.
Mamo nie spóźni się na lotnisko i nie chce mi się wracać ale ja usz nie mogę wstawać o 6 rano. Pa do zoba

Imani: Hey Mom miss you.

Daniel : My Dejesus Clan!!!! I miss you all so much. Can’t wait to share this wonderful and empowering experience. I miss the food we devour at our family gatherings. Mom, Dad, Jorge and Dj I miss you and love you all so much. Hope you are all excited for me to come back to you on Saturday. Goodbye now, see you all soon.