Quote of the Day: “The ones who are crazy enough to think that they can change the world, are the ones who do.” –Steve Jobs

Question of the Day: What do you see as the biggest challenge sand biggest reward of the project?

Hey guys! It’s your leaders of the day Catherine, Danielle, and Vivian. We started off our early morning wake up calls at 7:00am by sliding personalized good morning notes to everyone. For breakfast we had toast with jam and cheese, with a side of eggs. After one of our final bus rides with Andrea, we arrived at Fundacion Bestesda. Today we combined the Dirt and Cement group to form the Dirtment Group. While the wire bending group got busy with the wire frames, the Dirtment group made concrete at record pace, according to PC Stephanie and Camilo. All was well until suddenly one of the wooden frames of the concrete columns exploded and concrete started leaking out because we were pouring the concrete in too fast. However, it did not take long before we recovered from the incident and continued our work

at a slower pace. At the end of the day we completed three horizontal columns for the base, one vertical column, another foundation base, as well as we filled our stomachs with Jell-O from Manuel. Unlike the day before, most of us fell asleep on the bus as we made our way back to the city for lunch at Feroz. There we had salad, beef, rice, and vegetable soup. We look forward to continuing our CAP Project with as much enthusiasm, effort, and tenacity as we did the first two days.

Later on in the day, we received the rain we were promised by the weather report from the beginning of the trip. Despite the rain and closure of most stores on Sundays people still went out to buy and eat food. At about five o’clock we revised and wrote appreciation letters to donors who made this trip possible. For dinner, we fortunately had the entire group enjoy a lovely dinner at Criss’s where we ate beef, rice, fries, and salad. Following dinner, the group had time to finish their appreciation letters before the nightly meeting where we passed the torch to Adam and Leilani.

P.S. Hi Steph’s family! We all love Steph so much, and we’re sorry for taking her away from you for so long. She always keeps us energized and cheerful throughout the day!

P.P.S. Hi mom, dad, and Aaron. Miss you guys so much. I’m really craving pho.

P.P.P.S Hi Mom, Nikki, and Kelsie. I’m having fun here in Ecuador, where there are dogs everywhere. Can you make sure we have waffles, and supplies for avocado toast when I come back? Thanks and I look forward to seeing you all soon!