Hi Everyone!

Today, with the help of a diagram we made yesterday to split ourselves into groups, we were able to efficiently and successfully tackle the next chapter of our Community Action Project. Although we faced a lot of frustration yesterday, we were left with a more accurate impression of the work (and organization) it would take to make our goal into a reality.

We woke up at 5:45 a.m., ate sandwiches and watermelon for breakfast, and set out to Escuela Bertha Gutierrez, the school we have decided to paint for our CAP project. We hoped to finish painting the top sections of all the walls white, and divided ourselves into groups with set amounts of materials to get it done. Despite the relentless heat and tiredness, we were in better spirits and worked hard for four hours to paint all the walls. We stayed healthy with lots of water, a snack, laughter, and breaks when we needed them. We left the school looking bright and brilliant, ready for a coat of navy blue paint on the bottom tomorrow. For lunch, we ate a traditional meal of Indio Viejo at La Comedor, then we cleaned our painting supplies and had a meeting to plan how we would use our resources for the upcoming day. We decided to spend leftover money from our donations on supplies for the students including educational posters and possibly balls and other sport materials for the kids to play with. Finally, we prepared and had our second-to-last English Teaching Lessons, although my group’s students were mysteriously absent. We had Gallo Pinto and delicious Nicaraguan tacos for dinner.

With only four more days of our trip yet, me and many other people are feeling excited to go home, while also appreciative of the cultural and learning experiences we’ve had here. Our Community Action Project represents a final group effort in which we are deeply committing ourselves to service that will improve the community and the environment of the school, and hopefully create a more comfortable and beautiful environment for the students there.

P.S. Much love to my family and any other loved ones who may be reading 🙂