Buenos días, familia!

Today, we woke up at 7:30am and to start off the day, we had some tasty sandwiches and oatmeal orange juice (fun fact: they put lots of ketchup in their sandwiches here!). Then, we put tons of sunscreen on, refilled our water bottles, and got onto the bus to go to Canada de las Palmas. When we arrived, we began leveling the dirt. We used shovels, buckets, and even our hands to get to our goal for the day on our CAP project. Some minor mishaps during the project had been the extreme humidity, lack of tools, and time waiting for trucks to unload dirt. As Leaders of the Day, we reminded our fellow glimpsers to drink lots of water and to reapply sunscreen. At 1:00pm, we gathered in the community house, Junta de Vecinos where Jose Victoriano prayed over our food and we then ate our rice, chicken tenders and salad. After our lunch break, we got back to leveling the new dirt for the basketball court. Whenever some of the locals helping needed cement, we created a line to pass buckets of cement and cement blocks back and forth. We brought a cake to one of the locals named Nina to celebrate her 73rd birthday. After that, we continued to lay out the dirt evenly. Although we had scheduled free time after working, we all decided to stay longer and were determined to accomplish our goal for the day. After waiting a while for the new dirt to arrive, we decided to call it a day and head back to Dilenia’s. Once we arrived, we all hit the showers and headed down to eat dinner. For dinner, we had pasta with veggies, salad, and fried zucchini. Then, we all went upstairs to the seminar room for our nightly meeting to give an overview of our day and gave Big Love to our peers. Everyone was really tired from working really hard all day so we all went to bed ten minutes earlier than normal. CAP Day 2 was a very important day for us and we are very proud of everyone in our group because we are now one step closer to finishing the basketball court.