Today was a good day! It was the second day of our CAP delivery. We continued to persevere through the heat and half-awake mindsets. We accomplished leveling the park, painting the gazebo, painting hopscotch on the sidewalk, and spreading out gravel throughout the park.

As LDD, the two of us got to go on a major shopping spree….to the hardware store! During lunch we served our peers and the members of the community who donated their time to help us. It was a great day to be leader of the day because we were lucky enough to truly motivate our peers and see the effects of how much 22 teenagers plus some community members can get done.





Tonight was also a great night to be a part of this group of motivated high school students because we developed a plan. The plan’s main concept is to try and get the ambassadors on our trip to Chicago. We feel the need to create an experience for them as they did for us. The ambassadors truly invest their time so we decided to brainstorm ideas on how to get them to the US. We even pitched the idea to the country director here in the Dominican Republic! She loved the idea so we are in the process of trying to make is possible.


Love to all families! See you Wednesday night!