CAP Day 2

Today we woke up ready to put in hard work into our Community Action Project. We walked to Mama Isabel’s restaurant. She always cooks with her heart to ensure that we are well fed and well loved (20/5 stars on Yelp). Once we were done with breakfast, Victor arrived in his magic bus and efficiently drove us to Carlos Garbay (let me tell you about his turns in dead ends, I give him six stars on Uber✨).

Upon arriving to Carlos Garbay, everyone chose whether to work on the ramp or the garden. The people in the ramp were zooming by with their wheel barrels. But the zooming was not the way they got to build the ramp a little faster, communication was key and fun through our work truly passed the hours. The garden group did not only endure spiders in the grass, Paul soaking everyone with the hose, and a few roadblocks in what we originally planned for our CAP project, they also encountered the impeccable strength of the human spirit and the unlimited lengths one will go to in terms of helping others. It is astounding how hard people worked even though plans were changed and hunger was high.

Fortunately, after a few hours, Mama Isabel came through with that lunch. Dirt in our ears, mouth, and nose, something about eating out in the open and in Tupperware made the food taste all the better. As the hard-working people we are, the zooming wheel barrels and the dirt noses continued. Victor’s 6 star Uber ride came by and we went to the hotel. Exploring Riobamba was the move for many people. After that, many groups had great ideas on the English tutoring and we shared. Sharing ideas is the best part of the day, we are able to help other teams that are struggling and that is what makes us a family. We then walked to English Tutoring to teach and learn from our students. Even though there is a language barrier for some people, the communication between minds and hearts needs no spoken words.

After another fantastic meal provided by Mama Isabel, we headed back to Mama Maria’s for our Nightly Meeting. Honestly, our discussions- like Donald Glover- are on another plane of existence. There is a little bit of everything, serious additions, heartfelt confessions, chisme, and family time.

Finally, we wrote this marvelous blog. Thank you for coming to our Ted Talk.

Big Love,

Sol and Emma