Hola a todos!

Me llamo Monique y me llamo Robert. Today we woke everyone up with friendly knocks at their doors; although it took a while everyone was on board and made it to breakfast on time. When we were seated at the breakfast table and discovered we were eating pancakes, everyone was extremely delighted and definently went back for seconds.

Our day started with a tranquil ride in the gwa gwa with Nano (Our bus driver). We arrived in Guanito and got to work on our Community Action Project which is building a volley ball court. We worked extremely hard on the project from shoveling, to carrying rocks, and leveling out the foundation. Sometimes we get really tired but it’s our hearts desire to finish this project.

After working for 2 hours we took a lunch break and ate at the house of a community member. We had rice, pork, chicken, salad, and pasta. After eating the food which was lovely by the way, we got back to work and from our perspectives it was really hard to continue working on the cap project because of the food coma that was setting in, but we persevered from about 1 to 2:30 pm then got back on the gwa gwa to Onaney’s.

Our day didn’t end here, we got dressed and headed off to English tutoring. After tutoring, we came back to Onaney to guess what? Empanadas! Our leader of the day position came to an end at our nightly meeting when we passed the torch to Adrianna. SEE YOU SOON MOMMY-MONIQUE.