Today we woke up at 7 in the morning. We got ready for our second day of CAP and had a healthy breakfast consisting of ham and cheese sandwiches. Then we got on the bus to go to Paso Bajito although the GG leaders couldn’t go because it was their day off. Throughout the day we missed the GG leaders with their constant reminders and their positive attitudes, but we had work to do. We started off by making sure we got all the materials then planned who would work on what part.  We did a lot of work and got to finish the inside, outside, and start on a side project. The community center is looking really good with the cream, brown, and white colors the community chose. It was a really fun day we got to interact with the community members and get to know more about them. We also got to eat lunch with the community members which was fun because it was a peaceful time. We ate an energizing meal which was rice, beans, beef, and egg salad. Then we got back to work until we had to leave. When we got back to the Hostel we were all very tired, but we pulled through for English tutoring. 

Many of our classes had fewer students than Glimpsers anticipated today, but it made it more interesting because we could combine our strengths and enjoy each other’s company.  The GG leaders showed up at the end of classes to help us plan for our LAST DAY of English tutoring on Wednesday. After that, we got back to the hostel and had a well-earned dinner which was fried chicken and yuca it was delicious since we were all really hungry. After dinner, we had a nightly meeting which was awesome because our GG leaders were telling us that during their free time they were thinking about activities that they would like to do with us after the trip is over. It was a cool meeting because it showed what they thought of us and how much they knew about us. We passed the torch to the next LDD’s and ended the nightly meeting with our usual big love and unity clap. Then we ended the day by playing some card games went to our rooms at 10:00 pm.


Elizabeth & Natali