Today was a very eventful day… We started off the day with a wake up call at 6:25 am and headed straight to breakfast. After that, we went to FAE (where we are doing our CAP project,which we made huge prgress on). When we arrived to FAE we played birdie on a perch, which was extremely funny considering we had to kneel down and let someone side on our knee. Afterwards we split up into four small groups, which were all responsible for prepping and painting 2 rooms. In our rooms we were able to talk to each other and have interesting conversations as well as listen to music! At 12:00 pm we had lunch and a little bit of free time, which we took advantage of by playing volleyball. Afterward, we continued working on the project and we made sure that each person took a break every hour. Even though we took the project very seriously, we let ourseves have fun and enjoy eachothers company. At 3:00 pm we got on the bus to go back to the hotel where we had free time to shower, nap, and hang out. Then at 5:00 pm we met in the meeting room to revise our letter of appreciation.

Then we made our way outside to go to dinner but realized we were short one person so Sara Rose was sent to go up to find De’Asia, when she knocked on the door we realized she was taking a good old nap. She thought everyone had left her but nooooo we didn’t.  When we got to the restaurant we finally got burgerssssssssss for dinner woahhhhhhh. While at dinner we had a chance to dance to ‘la bomba’ which was super  fun getting to laugh at Marco and see his mooovesss.

Despues, we came back to the hotel had our nightly meeting where we crowned our new leaders of the day and continued our letters of appreciation.

Take care,

Sara Rose and Jasmine