Hello everyone!! its ya fave roomies, Yama and April… Today was CAP project number 2 and we were able to have another successful day, We started off the day with an early wake up call at 6:15 AM “GOOD MORNNNNNNNNNNNNG” *April and Yama’s voice* and then started our journey to Pachamama.

On our way there the bus ride was filled with excitement and songs. When we arrived we got to work on the tables and benches, such as, painting and priming. Students were kept occupied throughout the afternoon and some didn’t even want to stop for their lunch break. Speaking of lunch, today we had vegetable rice and maduros (thanks Ana) and shared it with the locals. After lunch we got back to work and started designing the tables and benches, students had fun expressing their creativity even if it was their first time. There were some challenges when it came to designing because locals wanted to particpate at the wrong time when students were really into their work but luckily we were able to find a way to be cooperative with one another. At the end of the day we finished most of the work and were able to give the nursery of Pachamama beautiful tables that were decorated with shapes, animals, plants, musical instruments, and fruits. It was an overall great day and we can’t wait to repeat it tomorrow.


Yama (I miss ya’ll)
April – Our Ecuador trip is almost coming to an end…. :)!!!!!!!!!