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Today was our final day working on our Community Action Project. Our goal was to create a positive and welcoming environment in an overlooked community within Riobamba. Our delegation formed a connection with the people of the Manuelita Saenz community throughout our time in Ecuador. We aimed to connect the organization of Utopia with its surrounding community.   As a group, we learned the challenges and rewards of an ambitious and passionate Community Action Project.  We experienced the hardships of achieving a large goal in a short period of time, but with commitment we worked diligently as a unit.  We learned the challenges of working in a group with many different ideas.  With compassion and consideration, our group worked together to overcome the challenges of various ideas and used the variety of opinions to strengthen our project as a whole.

Most importantly, our group learned the reward of making a difference. By accomplishing our goal, we gave the people of the Manuelita Saenz community a sense of hope and motivation.  People in the community said that our project made them reconsider their previous aspirations for their community.  Our CAP gave new ideas to the neighborhood regarding how they could positively impact their environment in the future.  Our hard work helped create a new area where Utopia and Manuelita Saenz can prosper and grow.

Our Community Action Project took a long time to plan and develop, but with all of our Glimpsers work, we achieved something that summed up the purpose of our trip in Ecuador.  We created a powerful change.  We are so grateful for our amazing group of Glimpsers.  With courage, compassion, and commitment, we made the “change [we] want to see in the world.” -Gandhi


“today we finished our CAP Project! It looks amazing! cant wait to show you the pics! the kids there were super cute too!” -Abbie

“most megy a meccs tok izgi eloben heni ecuadorban thany zo! mey mikilee is, de tudd meg hoggy nem meggek vissza a sztarba paszika” -Rebi (puszi a csaladnak + markek nak)

“hi mom and dad ! we finished our community ct today, it looks so beautiful! love you guys, see you really soon!” – Marcus

to helenas family and friends: ” I felt a little sick this morning, but I feel lots better now! the CAP looks beautiful and I am so proud of everyone here, I hope you see a picture. I love you all lots” – Laynie

To Alondra: “sorry that I called during your work today! I hopefully be able to try again tomorrow. today we finished CAP, and I made a really nice (kind of) fence! it was almost artistic in how beautiful it was. I love you and I am excited to see you!”

To my family: “ill try to catch you guys tomorrow but I think youll have left for Tahoe by then. enjoy your trip and tell the shahs that I say hey. love you!” -Arjun

“Hi mom and family! we finshed our big CAP project today and it turned out great. I wish you could see it in person but I cant wait to show you pictures! I cant wait to tell you all about my trip when I see you in 2-3 days but at the same time I want to stay here forever until then, saludos to Ecuador!” – Marlene

“hey! we finished our CAP Project today, it is so awesome cant wait to show you pics. I was a leader of the day today and it was really fun. hope you like the blog! called my mom but couldn’t call you ambar and dad 🙁 see you in 2-3 days! I have so many things to tell you. I love Ecuador!!! see you later alligator hahaha peace” – JORDAN

“Hi family and friends I hope you like the blog and cant wait too see you very soon! love you all xoxo” – Erica