holaaaa amigos:) esto es CAP DAY TWOOOOO.

We started the day off by waking up bright and early at 7 am. It was a struggle to get out of bed for me (Aolanni) but we pushed through and had some good breakfast from the homie and chef WELLLINNN.

Then we were running late to el guagua (bus) for a couple of minutes but the next thing you know, we were on our way to la Comunidad and a few people fell asleep on the bus. When we got to the area, we had to climb a very steep path and some of us fell (including Aolanni).

We started working on making a path for the pipes all across the area which luckily was not as complicated and difficult as the first day because some members of the community already started. We advanced pretty quickly in our working agenda and before you know it we were having lunch.

And surprise! It was with Wellin’s family…bless their souls. We did a quick energizer game before heading back to WORK! After we finished making the paths, we then carried the pipes to the location we were going to put them. Then we worked in supersonic speed and covered the pipes with dirt in about 30 minutes…so proud :’)

After we finished, we hopped back on the guagua and realized we lost 2 pickaxes…whoops. When we got back home we did our letters of appreciation to the global glimpse supporters and then we had some quiet time and most of us either took a shower or napped after a LONGG DAYYY. After that, we had some free time and were able to go out so a lot of us split up into groups and headed downtown. We had to be back by 6:45 pm (although many of us were at least 1 or 2 minutes late).

We had some yummy dinner after coming back and we finished the day with lots of love and respect for each other’s hard work. We cannot wait to finish our CAP project tomorrow and be able to share the love within the community.

But for now, Global Glimpsers out!!

Love always,
Your LLDs of the day: Dikshya and Aolanni <333333

Message Home πŸ™‚

Hello my people. It has been rough working in the sun I’m burnt πŸ™ very sad times,I hope you guys aren’t having tooo much fun without me or that would be upsetting. But I miss home and cannot wait to go back and see my boy BENNYYYY I hope his haircut is still clean! Miss that carne en su jugo que haces ma so maybe that can be my welcome home gift hehe just kidding…. plus I know Father’s day is tomorrow so I just want to wish you a happy Father’s day to all of you for me and saihly and couldn’t ask for a better mom. I love you mami and saihly and cannot wait to share with you the amazing memories and oof I have stories to tell you. Talk soon, los quiero mucho <3333
Love always,

To my dearest parents and brother…hehe
I love you guys sooooo much and always am thinking about you. This trip has been so much fun so far and although I do miss our family laughter filling up the room and eating together,the food here is absolute BOMB! Dada, are you sharing these blogs with the family? I hope you had an incredible graduation and I’m sorry I had to miss it. Tomorrow is Father’s Day so of course like always, I will be thinking about how much I love love love all of you and don’t worry because I will def be bringing back snacks home (if I can go downtown with all these tan lines and bug bites hehe).

Forever yours,
Dikshya <3