In the continuing adventures of the Global G’s, we woke up quick at about 7 o’ clock to continue the CAP (community action project). After a tiresome previous day, our GG leader Cynthia led a good 15 minute yoga session with about 6 G’s to start off the morning refreshed. Following our usual routine of showering followed by a nutritious breakfast, we made our way to Bejuco Aplastado. There we spent a good 7 hours putting in work by continuing to dig out weeds, planting seeds, digging holes and building the foundation for the rabbit sanctuary.


My personal experience was walking into the vegetable garden thinking that I would be planting seeds in the already cleared field, but instead getting hit with the news that we needed to clear a new set of pasture covered in weeds and unwanted plants. My reaction to the news was, “Bruh,” followed by a sense of drive to clear as much of the pasture as possible in the allotted time. When the working G’s felt the aggravating effects of the fatigue that came along with the hard work, Global G Sydney brought up everyone’s spirits with her singing of songs ranging from High School Musical to Big Sean and Kanye West.


Unfortunately, our work time was cut short in the afternoon, because of a water shortage, but if it were up to the G’s we would of kept pushing through the work. However, one of the locals was kind enough to climb up a coconut tree and knock down some fresh coconuts so we could replenish ourselves with coconut water. The process of climbing a 25 foot tree and knocking them down was done in under 5 minutes by a boy no older than 14 years old. It was my first time ever drinking coconut water straight from the source, which wasn’t to my taste, but still was a cool experience.


After the event with the coconuts, everyone present for CAP (locals, Global G’s, and some Canadians) gathered for a chance to acknowledge and appreciate everyone’s efforts and dedication to help reach a communal goal. We call this giving Big Love or Dar Gran Amor. There was much appreciation shared from the Global Glimpse Leaders, the locals and the Global G’s. This show of appreciation stirred heartfelt emotions for many. Even though the Global G’s we’re not going to see the final outcome anytime soon, we are very proud and humbled to have been able to take part in such a large project that will have a lasting impact on the community. We closed off our communal meeting with a unity clap with the word being, “Unidad,” which was followed by a few minutes to say our thank you’s and goodbyes to the wonderful members of the community.