Hola! My name is Shivani and this is my partner Xavier. We are both from the same school and worked together as the Lider Del Dia. To us, global glimpse is an opportunity for us to broaden our horizons and learn as much as we can about the world we live in. This experience specifically, helped us realize our potential to better the world and our will to become better versions of ourselves.

Today was the day we finalized our cap project. In the morning,we had fruit and hot chocolate and headed towards Sol Naciente to start our day. Xavier worked with the construction team which required him to make cement and also cover the walls in cement. I painted with locals and helped to erase sketches from the previous day. The entire team was dedicated to helping and completing the project, each glimper worked diligently and hard on finishing tasks until the end of the day. Since we had already accomplished a lot, we engaged with kids with the community to paint on additional quotes and symbols of Sol Naciente to represent the musical spirit of the community. For lunch, we ate rice with beans, avocado, eggplant meatballs and pork stew. Once we finished working we ended our time at Sol Naciente by spreading big love with the community. It was nice to hear all the appreciation and positivity that was being spread around. Today we learned that it is important to get the community involved and get everyone engaged. We both enjoyed how everyone including the locals interacted and worked with one another although we were challenged with language barriers.We were mostly surprised by how even the younger kids were committed to finishing their tasks and improving the center. We were proud of our peers for their respect and determination because even though it was extremely hot they continued to work.

The most inspiring person we met today was Nelson because he was very patient and caring with everyone working today. Being the Lider Del Dia was slightly stressful but very fun. It was a little stressful because we had to make sure we were on time for everything. It also required us to be an even better version of ourselves and make sure we were working as a team so that we both equally used our voices. We both felt very accomplished by the end of the day and ended off strong. It was a great day and we truly enjoyed ourselves and being in the shoes of a leader for this day.

Tomorrow we depart at 3:42 from Santo Domingo! Wait for us in SFO!!