August 1st was sparked by our (Eunice and Daphney’s) wake up call at 7:00AM; as we stormed down the halls, the events that would later take place that day spurred in our heads. As “Leader Del Dia”, we concurrently had to consider our responsibilities. As we will expand on later, the day proved to be very fulfilling and rather rewarding. Together, we organized the group to head to Nativa (our typical breakfast restaurant) at 7:30AM. The day revolved around our CAP (day 2) project and English tutoring. To delve into details, our work on our CAP project today supplemented the previous day’s events. Our project focused on the needs of German Abdo School in Riobamba, Ecuador. For lack of better word, their needs were high; they were in need of window repairs, school decoration, garden refurbishment, and playground remodeling. We were subsequently divided into 3 groups which included: garden work, mural work, and playground work.

It’s vastly apparent that we all collectively exited our comfort zones; our endurance was tested and tried at every turn, and our boundaries were collapsed by pure focus. As evening approached our day continued at its accelerated pace at Maldonado Colegio in the center of Riobamba.

Our day was teeming with turns; from planning gifts to organizing the focus of the CAP project, it was eventful, to say the least. Our peers exhibited behavior that was surprising to us; their energetic demeanor and attitude reinforced our motivation to lead the day. A shining example of this, though it was more discrete in the confines of our English tutoring classroom, was observing the rewarding factor of teaching.

To put this in more general terms, we watched our peers in awe as they overcame the daunting task of teaching in a foreign environment. The Leaders Del Dia learned the significance of teamwork and creativity. Spontaneous actions were squeezed into our schedule- mistakes blossomed into fortunate experiences. Previously, we hid behind a shell of discomfort. However, today served as a testimony to exercising our talents- our hesitance was shed.

To conclude the whirlpool of our day, we were very proud of a group. Though it sounds cliche, we were astonished to see exploding levels of teamwork and positivity. We personally observed a plethora of sacrifices, specifically in the CAP project and English tutoring.

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