Today we continued working on our Cap projects at CECAINI. Our mural, water purification project, rehabilitated basketball court and new trees are all more than halfway done! Even though it was a really sunny and hot day, everyone was committed and worked hard from 9 to 4. We ate lunch with the community there and spent the whole day painting, cleaning, planting, and more. It was a long and tiring day but we did so much that we barely noticed how exhausted we were.

For the mural, which we both worked on, we got a lot more done than we thought we would. We realized we had a lot to learn about painting when the locals showed us multiple times how to paint like a pro. We also realized that these projects would not be nearly as successful without all the help and guidance we got from locals and staff at the school. They help us paint, show us techniques, give input, provide materials, and are a vital part of all our projects.


The water purification project is definitely one of the coolest projects our delegation is doing. At CECAINI, the children often do not have access to drinkable water. When the filters are ready for use, the school will be able to provide enough water for the students to drink. The filter is made of structure that looks like a portable water fountain that has a thick layer of sand at the top that unpurified water is poured through. The sand has a type of healthy bacteria that love to eat the dangerous pathogens in the water that is poured through. The pressure within pushes the clean and drinkable water out of a spout for kids to drink safely. This kind of project has never been done in Global Glimpse before and will be a huge help for the community. It is also a great example of how the beneficial the relationships we have built with the community are – we got these water filters for free from someone living just 15 minutes away! (Below we have our awesome friend Scott Coppa, who helped us get the water filters!)

Bricia: Today was our second day working on our projects. I’m really proud of all of us because even though we were all tired we kept working on our projects. We want to see the results of the basketball court, water purifiers, and mural so much that being tired isn’t an issue. Ken, a community member helping out with our projects gave a lot of advice on how to improve our painting, showing how important it has been to be involved with the community while working on this CAP projects.

Athena: While working in the sun throughout the day, it was sometimes hard to keep spirits up when all some of us wanted to do was lie down in some shade, but the progress we made was absolutely worth it. With the basketball court almost finished, the mural almost completely filled with color, trees all planted, and water purification system coming along, we were all feeling pretty good about our work by the end of the day. The mural took a lot of planning and collaborating, but also sometimes we realized you have to just wing it! And so far, we think it looks pretty good. Being LDD today was hard at times because everyone was spread out doing different projects, so bringing them all together was often a challenge. I was also certainly pretty tired and sunburned by the end of the day, but with everyone’s positivity about how much we got done today, it was easier to finish CAP day 2 on a good note. We can’t wait to show you guys the finished product(s)!