Hi my name is David and Jorge is next to me (Hiiii). Today we continued to work on our Community Action Project which involves building a wall to keep La Casa Materna from flooding. Today we made a ton of progress on the wall. Its basically done. Literally. We all agreed to wake up earlier to get a head start on the wall. We woke everyone up at 6am and ate breakfast at 6:30. For breakfast we ate a signature dish called Gallo Pinto!!! (again). After eating at the luxiourous Buffet Estelli we walked to La Casa Materna and got to work right away. Tania taught us how to make cement . We had to mix buckets of sand, gravel, cement mix, and water to make cement. The creative team finished the pathway and started painting some rocks. I painted a rock too but then I got paint on my hand and it took like 20 minutes of scrubbing vigorously to take it off. We then sent the buckets of cement to the construction team where we laid down the bricks and made sure that the wall was straight and not wobbling to the side. We also shoveled away several mountains of dirt, sand, gravel, and grounded stone and luckily no one got hurt. At 12pm we went to lunch and ate chicken and rice. It was delicious. We then went back to La Casa Materna to work again. Then later we took a break and went to Eskimo (the best ice cream shop in Estelí ). I ate 2 scoops of cookies and cream ice cream in a waffle cone. I remember looking around and thinking to myself, why am I the only one who got a waffle cone. I also decided to try out the Super Ice Cream Sandwich. It wasn’t as good as I expected. We walked back to La Casa Materna to do the same work for another hour and a half but this time with food for the construction workers who were working voluntarily. By the time we were done it started to  rain on us while we were walking back to Buffet Estelí for dinner. We covered the wall with plastic bags to keep the rain from damaging the wall.We also agreed to have dinner earlier because the employees at the buffet live 4 hours away. I was super full from all the ice cream, but we had fried chicken and we almost never have fried chicken so I ate all of my food. Once we finished eating we walked through the flooded streets of Estelí and made it safely back to the hostel. We had the nightly meeting immediately and it went well. After that some of us participated in a firefighter fundraiser. Jorge finally did his summer homework last minute because he has school as soon as he gets home.  “With great power comes great responsibility”- Uncle Ben; being a leader is not easy, but I think me and Jorge did a good job making sure everyone is participating in the CAP project and drinking enough water. Overall it was an ok day. Fin. Because of the constant blackouts we were not able to add pictures to this blog post.