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The day began with a startling 7am wake up call by Gina herself. At 7:50am we escaped the hotel and moseyed on over to Roma Santa for a bountiful breakfast. This meal included a tropical fruit that Gina claims is similar to passion fruit, and Rose agrees. Along with something like a green orange, bread made by my mom’s own two hands, lentils, yogurt and cereal, and juice of carrot. Immediately after consuming our fuel, we went to Martiniano Guerrero Freire School to resume our work on the CAP project. We broke off into groups and worked hard on the three murals we’d begun the day before. Although a few comrades were lost throughout the morning to issues involving the digestive system, we pushed through until lunch, painting portraits, hopscotch, trees, white boards, and everything else that could ever be painted. Feeling worn out, we walked to Roma Santa again for a lunch of chicken, rice, fish-less ceviche, beets, popcorn, plantain chips, and a soup accompanied by pork skin. Also passion fruit juice. Although we had originally planned to endure a two hour program seminar following lunch, we decided for the good of the project to return to the school and continue trekking. Drinking almost too much water and feeling over the moon about everything possible and more, we worked on until about five. The hopscotch was completed, and with all hands on the big wall, we could finally begin to see the end in sight. At five we once again moved our legs all the way to the glorious haven of the hotel we call home. After about a thirty minute break in which the leaders of tomorrow, Karla and Natalie, learned about the back breaking and emotionally straining work that is being the Lider del Día, we headed to mom’s house for a marvelous supper of Alfredo pasta with Rick Astley creating a calming and nurturing ambient atmosphere. The night came to an end with a quick and painless nightly meeting held by yours truly, to introduce the next LDD’s.

Even though peeps were feelin’ ill, we pushed through and got a good decent portion of the murals completed and ready for continuation tomorrow.

Alrighty y’all goodnight.

Frida and Samantha mixing it up!

Karla and Lencho painting hopscotches!

Gina is thinking – so much paint, so little time!!

Anson, Natalie, Ramon and Diana take a break from the hard work!

Michael in the hat that only took him 11 days to get!

Painting, painting and more painting!

Claire painting with tiny brushes and paint in a tiny cup!


The amazing Max and Jocee! Max is so talented – the portrait looks EXACTLY like the original image!!

Teamwork makes the dream work!

Carla was VERY precise with designing a hopscotch for kindergartners! So small!

Leaders of the Day – Gina and Rose, posing for a family portrait