Heyyyy y’all!!!

We finished our CAP project. And let me tell you guys, it is pretty cool. We did such an amazing job. We are so proud of all the hard work and dedication everyone has put into this project.

Today was pretty intense. We woke up at 6:45 and everyone was pretty tired. But the smell of food woke everybody up. And you know Taishi gets excited about the food here (he will tell you that when he gets home). After we finished our extraordinary breakfast we all went to the hardware store and our fantastic purchasing team bought all the last minute materials needed for our busy day. So we got there at 9 and got right to work. We all figured out our part that needed to be done that day and everything was really organized. We made the park really colorful and vibrant so the kids would enjoy it. The first thing that needed to be finished was the tires. We lined colorful tires around the whole park. Then we had a slide, merry-go-round, and a see-saw in the park. We finished this about half way through the day and then we ate lunch. After we ate, we started to work on the basketball court. For this, the teenagers from the local community were really coming together and offering support. Although we weren’t able to finish the lines on the basketball court, the community was committed to the project and they ensured us that the project will be finished. Before we left we took a quick group photo and said our goodbyes, where many of us did get very emotional.

After we left, we quickly went to a shopping market to buy snacks for our last English tutoring class. Then we gotback to our hostel, changed, and left for the school under the cloudy skies and constant thunder. Due to the thunder and rainclouds, many of the students didn’t come to class, but for many of us, the last and final English tutoring was an emotional but fun experience. Many of us took photos and cried to leave the class we became so close with over the course of a week and a half.

Now we only have one full day left here in the DR, with tomorrow being a free day. Hope to see all of you back home soon!