Hola Familia! Today we woke up at 7:30AM and ate breakfast at 8:00AM. For breakfast we ate eggs and toast with a side of peanut butter and pineapple juice. Then at 8:45AM we hopped on the bus and headed to Cañada de las Palmas with our bus driver Danilo. We arrived at around 9:15AM dropped our stuff at the community home and went straight to work. The first task at hand was leveling the dirt and finishing up the wall. Throughout the day we got multiple loads of dirt and as a team we persevered through the hot, humid, rainy weather. We worked until about 1:00PM and ate lunch with the community. For lunch Dilenia provided us with Paella and salad. After we were done eating we left back to Dilenia’s because of a lack of materials and tools. So on our final CAP day we were not able to finish our project, but another delegation whose trip was switched at the last minute will be helping finish the project we started. At first when we heard the news of sharing our project we were distraught but after our GGLs and PCs talked to us we had a change of heart. They reminded us that we accomplished the impossible with building a basketball court foundation on a hillside in 3 days. After hearing this the group decided it was better for the community to work smarter not harder. Once we got back to Dilenia’s we had a seminar at 4:00PM for our Final Reflection to give us more time to finalize our part of the CAP project tomorrow. At 7:00PM we were served lasagna, bread, and ice tea. After our final dinner at Dilenia’s we had our final nightly meeting at 8:15PM where we shared tears, laughter, and smiles. We just want to say we miss In & Out and we are all excited to come home. See y’all soon! Big loves from Maraia, Catherine, and DJ KARIZMA!!!!!!!!