Hello family and friends,

This is Lesley, Jazlyn, and Margot. Today was our final day for our CAP project. We began our day by waking up at 7am and having  cereal for breakfast. We then headed to Suarez where we continued to work on the cafetería we were building for the community. While working we also bonded with the community members by speaking about our lives and receiving many tips from the older community members. We then had lunch which consisted of beans, rice, salad, meatballs, and a traditional Dominican desert named chenchen. We then continued to build and paint the cafetería. Fortunately, we finished the project which was a huge success for our delegation knowing we provided Suarez with a helpful resource they can use for years to come. To conclude our cafetería we all handprinted it and wrote our initials. We then sadly said goodbye to the community and headed back to the accommodation. Once arrived to the accommodation we had time to rest and shower after a day of hard work. Once we had our time to relax we continued our day by beginning to write our letters of appreciation to those who made this trip happen for us. We then headed to dinner where we had arroz con leche along with eggs, toast, and fried banana. After dinner we came back to the accommodation for our nightly meeting to conclude our tiring but very successful and heartwarming day.