CAP Project Day 3:

After much work and collaboration with the local community, we finally finished our CAP Project, a basketball court at Cañada de Las Palmas. Building connections with the community and learning from them these past few days has been an amazing and unforgettable experience. We were so inspired by the power of their community and their ability to make the most out of any situation, no matter how difficult.

The day started off with a refreshing breakfast of watermelon, mango, cantaloupe, toast, and eggs. After our meal, we took the bus to Cañada de Las Palmas to continue our work on the CAP Project. We mixed cement with shovels, painted on the walls, carried heavy buckets of water, swept dust and debris, helped maneuver the chain link fence around the court, and much more. Despite the sweltering heat and mosquitos, everyone was energized and excited to take their roles. We also played around with the kids, who were so friendly and adorable. One of my favorite moments throughout the trip has been forming bonds with the kids, drawing for them, playing hand games and cards, and joking around with them. Saying goodbye to everyone before leaving was very difficult- they gave us big hugs and blessings for the future, a moving moment that we will always remember.

Afterwards, we came back to the hotel and had some free time to explore the area and visit local shops. To celebrate the completion of our CAP project, we went to Alto Cerro (the most prestigious hotel in Constanza) for dinner. Before dinner, we all danced, played soccer, and had refreshments. Finally, we had pizza for dinner and took many group photos. At our nightly meeting, we did self-reflections and discussed the impacts that the CAP Project had on us. We were all struck by the unbreakable spirits and positivity of the community. And One of the things that stuck with me throughout the trip was the quality of a leader to inspire others to continue where they left off, like passing the torch for LDD.

Stepping into the role of Lider Del Dia was a bit intimidating at first, since I had never led a group that was this big. I tried my best to stay organized and on top of things, give enough reminders for time, and remember all the announcements that had to be made, as well as making sure to check in with everyone. I learned many things through this experience, like the balance of being direct without being too overpowering, keeping track of time, empathizing with others, and much more. We are all ready for more reflection tomorrow to conclude our Global Glimpse trip.

By: Silvia

(Pictures coming tomorrow)