Hola Glimpser parents, after a long extensive day of painting the Berta Gutierrez school we finally finished our cap project! All the Glimpsers put in so much effort and didn’t give up until we finished painting. Also the whole group managed to save money from the cap project and we were able to buy candy’s for the piñata, lots of school supplies and toys for the school. While painting, everyone took a break to watch the students break the piñatas, everyone enjoyed seeing how happy the students were and how they enjoyed there candy’s afterword’s. After the nice long break everyone went back to work and finished painting before the schedule time. After working hard, getting frustrated, and being really tired we all learned that if we work together we can all accomplish great things. With our hands all blue with paint, we said all our goodbyes and thank you’s to the students and teachers, then headed off back to the hostel. Back at the hostel we had our usual free time, then had our thank you letter seminar. We all wrote our rough draft of thank you letters for the donors. Without the donors global glimpse wouldn’t be able to give scholarships to all the glimpsers, so everyone took there time and wrote their appreciation letter. We then went to Comedor La Favorita and ate a delish hamburger for dinner, which everyone enjoyed. After all the hard work and tiredness everyone managed to stay awake with energy and end it with a great night!