Hola from today’s Lideres Del Dia, Chloe and Amaya!

The morning began with a 7:30 am wake-up followed by a wonderful breakfast provided by Nativas. After breakfast, we went straight to Carlos Garbay Farm where we finished our Community Action Projects. We had groups working on murals, planting trees, and making the cuy (guinea pig) house. The students at Carlos Garbay paid us a visit to surprise us with cards expressing their gratitude. It was very touching. While on site, the group had an amazing packed lunch of homemade empanadas. The group devoured their lunches and finished their projects early. We still had an abundance of time after finishing our projects, so we decided to do some extra work and partake in team-building games. We played a game of soccer, Sharks and Minnows, Sneaky Statue, and Assassin. After leaving from the CAP site, we headed back to our sanctuary: Hotel Mashany, where we completed our letters to our supporters, then had some free time to hang out. Following that, we went to dinner at Nativas where we ate a delectable dinner of soup, fried fish, and FLAN. Straight after dinner we headed to Colegio Maldonado where we watched an impressive talent show hosted by our very own students. To our pleasant surprise, our delegation was honored with small tokens of gratitude for our service in aiding to further the students’ education. After an entertaining bus ride, filled with music and lip syncing, we went into our nightly meeting, where the day’s events were discussed and the torch was passed. We had a great time being the Lideres Del Dia today and we hope that the few days we have left are filled with as much love and fun as we had today.

Thank you and see you soon!