Hey everyone! It’s Anmol and Garima writing to you from Constanza. It’s ‘Day 14’ and today we woke up bright and early at 7:00 am. We ate a delicious breakfast, which consisted of pancakes, bread, eggs, and locally grown fruit (pineapple & watermelon).

Today was originally supposed to be another day to complete our CAP Project. However, due to everyone’s effort and hard work, we were able to complete our CAP Project a day early allowing us to share quality time with the community members in Cañada de Las Palmas, especially the kids. We went to Cañada de Las Palmas at 9:00 am and stayed until 12:00. There we played basketball, did face painting, played cards and dominoes, and danced. Everyone had a blast. It was really special getting to know the kids, as they were all very excited for us to be there and beyond welcoming. We ended our time at the community with a highly anticipated water balloon fight. It was a bittersweet moment, as we had to say our final goodbyes shortly after.

After the community, we came to the hotel where we enjoyed our lunch. Next, we had around 2 hours of free time to relax, pack, and get ready for our last English Tutoring Session. Around 3:50 pm we headed to tutoring with our favorite bus driver Bryan! (All of us absolutely love Bryan for many reasons. He even went out of his way to get us all some very yummy chocolate!)  We all had a great time tutoring. Many of the students gave us personal letters and drawings, making the last class with them even more special. English Tutoring helped many of us create unforgettable bonds. It’s crazy how close we got to our student in just a few sessions. After class ended, many of us took pictures so we could remember this moment forever.

The English Tutoring Crew

We walked back from tutoring to a celebratory Thanksgiving themed dinner at our hotel. The point of having a Thanksgiving themed dinner was to give thanks to each and every Glimpser for all their efforts in the community action project. Our Program Coordinators, Silvi and Fabi, did a great job putting it all together. They made sure we knew all our hard work didn’t go unnoticed.

After dinner, everyone decided to have a little fun. We all danced to music after dinner. It was a great experience! Everyone was laughing and enjoying the moment, which was great to see. We’re glad that all the Glimpsers have gotten so close and feel so comfortable in each other’s presence. We are one big happy family!

As this trip comes to an end, we are very thankful to have learned and experienced the things that we have. It was honestly a very educational and eye-opening journey.

P.S. – Happy 13thbirthday to Garima’s brother, Yash! Garima misses you and hopes to see you soon.

Goodnight Everyone,

Anmol and Garima