Hola family & friends! It’s your homies, Serena and Cristian here. The morning started with Cristian taking the lead to wake all of us up  bright and early at 7 A.M. with “1st of tha month” by Bone Thugs N Harmony. For BWEAKFASTTT we had delicious, fluffy pancakes and cereal from our beloved food providers, Rafael and Genesis. Our meal was of course accompanied by Rafael’s signature phrase, “Buen provecho!” with a bright smile and two thumbs up. After breakfast, we all scurried to change into our working clothes and bring all of our supplies, snacks, and toys for our CAP (Community Action Project) to the bus and we were on our way to Paso Bajito for the very last time 🙁 Not to mention, having to stop and go back to the hostel for the speaker, which Cara swiftly grabbed for us. When we arrived to Paso Bajito, we were pleasantly surprised when the community members informed us they had continued to work and finished a majority of the outside painting of the building. Given this, we immediately got to work specifically with painting the doors, fixing the crevices, and starting to put together our special “Kids Corner.” As the children came throughout the early morning, we incorporated their participation into the mural in the “Kids Corner” by using their handprints to create colorful flower petals and butterfly wings. Once the afternoon time came around, we were happy to see our food provider, Genesis, but disappointed by the absence of our good buddy Rafael. For lunch, we had rice with corn, Bacalao, Concon (the bottom portion of rice), and vegetables. After filling our tummies up, we began the final stride towards completion and, also put together the toys and supplies for our “Kids Corner.” Finally, as our time with the community came to an end, we wrapped up with our “Big Love” circle with many of the locals alongside the Glimpsers. This was a very heartfelt moment for many of us, as we thanked the locals for allowing us to collaborate with them through the week. As well as we all began to feel the true meaning of our time spent within the Dominican Republic and emotions ran high with the impactful experience of being able to create a sustainable area of unity for the community. Afterwards, we celebrated with lots of snacks and music, as well as put our Bachata and Merengue skills to work with our lovely family members of the community. Sadly, we said our final goodbyes and cleaned up to leave Paso Bajito for the final time, which was a difficult and emotional time for many of us. We headed right back to the hostel, where all of us took advantage of our final explore time within the city of Jarabacoa and even got the chance to greet another group of Glimpsers who had just arrived to the DR. During our explore time, a heavy storm came in and caused the water to go out within the hostel as we got ready for dinner. Next, we met with our self-reflection groups to give thought to how our CAP project went as a whole, as well as how we worked as a group. After reflecting, we hurried onto the bus with our favorite driver, Samuel, headed towards dinner at “Pala Pizza.” We all enjoyed devouring two pepperoni, two cheese, and one chicken pizza, as a big family of twenty two. We then all walked over to a surprise treat from our Global Glimpse staff which was ICE CREAM! Happily, we spent some time to enjoy the delicious treat then we drove back to the hostel. When we arrived at the hostel, it was then time for our nightly meeting led by your very own, Serena and Cristian (the duo of the year). After going over our day, we then passed on the LDD responsibility onto the third musketeer, Jackie! <3 

Goodnight!! – Cristian & Serena (: