Hello everyone! We finally completed our CAP project today and everything turned out AMAZING. Big love to all of our Glimpsers for coming together as a team and making this a wonderful experience for the community we served and for all of us involved.

Our day began early, at 6:15 AM (for the third day in a row!). Our Leaders of the Day, Yaya and Tatiana, did an awesome job with the wake up call. Everyone was awake, energized, and ready to go at an earlier time. As always, we ate breakfast at La Estancia and left for Pachamama around 8:00 AM. Once we arrived, our Glimpsers got right to work. They sanded down furniture, put the finishing touches on table tops, and painted/decorated benches. We finished earlier than anticipated, and we presented our hosts at the nursery school with a gift– a small token of our appreciation for welcoming us into their community. After completing the CAP project we drove back to the hotel, ate lunch at La Estancia, and then returned to shower and enjoy one last afternoon of free time in the city. Here, a group of us went out and ended up in Siete Santos, a local coffee shop that has become a hangout spot for our delegation. We returned to the hotel in time for dinner and followed our final evening meal at La Estancia with our traditional dance party. Everyone sang, danced, cried, and enjoyed each other’s company after 2 weeks of hard work, bonding, and making friends. We finished the day with our usual nightly meeting and our Glimpsers are now enjoying a movie night with our PC, Marco.

Big love to our Leaders of the Day, Yaya and Tatiana, for filling the day with positivity and filling the day with energy and enthusiasm from sunrise to sundown. Nearly every one of our students has now stepped out of his/her comfort zone, taking a step forward and leading their peers through challenges and successes. Tomorrow we will be returning to Quito and flying back to the USA at midnight. We will keep everyone posted during our return.

Buenas noches!– Ricardo