Before the CAP


After the CAP


Hello there family and friends! Rafay here with the blog for today. Today was our final day of working on the CAP and it was a busy yet successful day. The day started off with a 6am wake up, followed by a delicious breakfast of beans, cheese, and a mysterious yet tasty juice. We than took a bus to the community of Robledal for one last time in order to finish up the CAP project.

When we arrived at Robledal, we were immediately put to work by finishing up the mural, fence, and bathrooms. P1000123With the help of professional welders, the chainlink we had for the fence was successfully attached to the poles we planted the other day. The welders also welded the hinges for our bathroom doors, which was a plus. The mural was finished also, and so the overall result looked magnificent and quickly became something the group was proud of. We celebrated the final product with a tasty lunch, games, donations, and a final speech from Nick, our project manager. We than headed back to the Hostal, where everyone took a shower and sat down for some time to reflect on our CAP project. Free time came afterwards, where Glimpsers decided to sleep in or go out to the city. Our hardwork for the CAP project was rewarded by a lightweight fancy dinner at Coffee and Cocktails, where we were served with either chicken, beef, or pork. The meal was great, and everyone seemed to be having a great time. After dinner, we all headed back to the Hostal for our final nightly meeting, and now here I am writing the blog. P1000149Today has been a great learning experience for everyone but especially for me and Sam R. because we were the leaders of the day. I hope everyone enjoyed reading my blog, and stay tuned for Sara’s blog tomorrow.

Love you mom and dad, miss and love both of you. S/O to my friends for also showing some love, hope y’all keeping it lit in UC.