Hey everyone today Me and Alexis were ELDD. Today was the last day of our CAP (Community Action Project), and we woke up at 6:30 this morning to get ready for breakfast at the hostel before leaving for Sor Maria. Once we arrived, we got right to work on painting the mural and mixing the concrete.

Although, concrete team was not able to finish, due to lack of material, they pushed through and did the best that they could. We have full faith that the next Matagalpa delegation will finish the job well, so the kids will have a nice dry place to stand when it rains. As for the mural team, we worked together the best we could to finish up. We were all worried about time and whether or not we were going to be able to finish, but we pushed through and worked together. We feel like a big part of the mural also goes to the help from the kids of the community. It was amazing to see how happy and ready they were to help us finish this mural. They got there right when we arrived and were so eager to help us paint. If it wasn’t for them we would have been a little behind schedule. Towards the end of the mural, one of the big things we wanted to do for the kids was let them put their hand prints as the borders. It was definitely amazing to see how happy this made them and how much fun they had. We wanted the kids to be able to have something in the community, that they could pass by everyday and smile at from knowing that they had a part in the beautiful mural. Everyone worked really hard for 3 to 4 hours all the way until it was time for lunch, which was chicken sandwiches. We brought lunches for all the kids and got to have lunch with them too.

One of the most difficult parts of the day was finishing up, and having to leave the kids was hard. They had been there to help from CAP Day 1 and to see the smiles on their faces fade when we were leaving was heartbreaking for us. Even before leaving the kids helped us scrub paint off our hands, which was a difficult task to accomplish considering we still have paint on our hands lol. When leaving they all gave have us hugs and said their goodbyes. Some of the kids even followed our bus and waved goodbye to us as we left. We are all happy to know that they will have this wonderful mural and concrete pathway to remember us by.

When arriving home at around 1:30,  had a final meeting about the project and then all rushed to our rooms to get ready to explore more of Matagalpa. I think we all hurried to the cyber cafés to wish our wonderful dads a Happy Father’s day and be able to communicate with loved ones and friends. When we all got back from free time, we had dinner, had the nightly meeting and sat to watch the Finals. Although the Warriors lost we are still a great team and we are proud they made it this far. Winners in our hearts 😊. Hope everyone had a Great Sunday and Father’s day! See you all soon! Hey momma bear !! 😊