DSC08190At last!! Today we completed all three   of our CAP projects which included: the partition, the shelve for the kitchen and the roof all in just two and a half days. Not to say it was easy, we had an early wake up call at 6:45-am leaving the hostel immediately after breakfast at 8:05. We made our final pit-stop to Sor Maria for supplies and arrived at the comedor around 9:40. I  have to say I was very impressed to see everyone jump into their groups to finish the two tasks at hand. With the shelves being done yesterday all we needed to complete was the roof and the partition. I was very nervous that  the roof wouldn’t get done in time which lead me to stress out as leader of the day but I focused my energy on keeping everyone included in working and hydrated.

DSC08342By lunch time the roof had almost all of the tin placed on it and the partition group had successfully found a way to put the wheels on. We swapped out jobs after lunch leaving new people to work on the roof and others to help stabilize the partition. The energy was a little low as everyone was starting to get hot and restless when there was nothing for them to do but quickly rose again when we needed extra hands to stand the partition up to test if the wheels would hold; they did but the group felt as though it wasn’t sturdy enough to hold just in case any kids happen to run into it. While the partition group worked on supports for it the roof group had fully put on the tin on the roof and had started to put in a gutter.

DSC08279Around 3 pm we started to come to a close with both projects when we saw the supporters really held up the partition and the gutter was successfully put in. We then all came together with the children of the school to present them with a pinata and candy and thanked the founder of the Hope Project Pharell. We then thanked the two most important people Marceliano and Uriel, they were two men who helped us throughout the whole two and half days, without them we wouldn’t have been able to finish up our projects or even know what were doing because of how inexperienced most of us are. Each and every one of us looked up to the two kind men who really helped the group in completing our goals.

I am so proud to say that I was apart of building something so sustainable like a roof for those children and how myself and my peers work will affect the children and the people of Nicaragua for years to come. We were surely awarded for it too when we got to eat out at a restaurant to get pizza for dinner. Today has been such a rewarding day that I know we will all remember for the rest of our lives