Today was the last day of our Community Action Project (CAP). During these three days, we helped the community of Suarez renovate and expand their public baseball field. Baseball is one of the most popular sports in Suarez as well as the Dominican Republic, and so their baseball field is a center for community involvement, sports, and entertainment. Our CAP included repainting the backstop, creating three sets of benches/bleachers, building a shade structure, and donating a variety of baseball equipment, including bats and gloves. These improvements will help provide more seating areas for spectators from outside the community as well as an area for the community members to sell concessions during games. The impact of our work alongside the Suarez community members will be felt for years to come.

Being involved in this CAP has been one of the highlights of the trip and is a unique experience that could rarely be experienced outside of Global Glimpse. Many members of this delegation have been involved in various forms of foreign aid and volunteer work, but many of us do not get to meet and interact with the people we are helping in such a direct way. The people of Suarez welcomed us into their community with open arms, allowing us to play many games of baseball, soccer, and Duck Duck Goose. In such a short amount of time, we have impacted their lives with our CAP contribution and in return they have impacted ours with their kindness and laughter.

As our last full day in the Dominican Republic is tomorrow, we all are savoring these amazing moments here, from our English tutoring classes to the hard work put into our Community Action Project. The memories we have made here will impact us and our own world views for the rest of our lives.

A big shoutout to all of the Glimpsers who worked really hard to complete this project that has left a legacy in the Suarez community.