Today, we really brought the game plan and knew what we had to do to get our CAP done. We developed more of an emotional attachment with the biblioteca and the people who worked there.

The biggest surprise of the day was the visit from the CEO of Global Glimpse, Eliza. She worked hard with us and seemed to be pleased with our commitment and our accomplishments.

I’m very proud of our group’s growth and determination over the last 3 days of CAP. It’s been very stressful and hectic, but our group persevered through it all and we got the CAP projects done. It makes me glad to be part of this new family.

We were truly inspired by the community in El Pantanal today. There were children and adult volunteers who enthusiastically handled any task that we threw at them, be it painting a wall or hammering a nail.

Elijah’s Response: Today was very fun and was expected to be that way. I really enjoyed growing with this family and had fun leading the last day of CAP. (which was the most productive by the way ๐Ÿ˜€ ) Also, my boi Manny really helped out in areas I couldn’t and I hope I did the same.

Manny’s Response: I enjoyed being the leader today. There were several responsibilities that Elijah and I had, and we were both happy to be in charge of them. As Elijah said, today was productive because everyone came together. I have to give a shout out to my boi Elijah because he was an awesome co-leader; I couldn’t have asked for a better one.

Elijah’s Response: So today, I learned that I can really step up as a leader, and after all, thats why every Glimpser is here. But every leader has his/her weaknesses but thats why he has friends and followers to help him become better. So I’ve learned to let others give their input and include that in your plan.

Manny’s Response: Today, I learned that I could be a better leader than I originally thought. I was able to deliver information and also keep groups on track. Something else I learned was that it is very easy for a leader to get frustrated, especially when the group isn’t listening. However, both Elijah and I were able to keep calm and collected.

All the best (ya bois),

Manny And Elijah

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Building a bookshelf from scratch is no joke!

Finishing the hundreds of flashcards w/ vocabulary words:

With some of the local children that spend time with us:

The mural team w/ finished product:

All the Glimpsers who had a hand in creating the bookshelf (w/ Eliza):