Queridos familias y amigos,

As our last full day comes to an end, laughter, excitement, dancing, hugs, and tears ensue. We began our day by going to Llullundongo to finish off the CAP project. The mural that we made was nothing short of a success. The community of Llullundongo really loved it and thanked us with a plaque that said “Global Glymse.” We finished off the mural with a rainbow of hand prints and were sad the leave the sweet kids who helped us. What we learned today was that one change in someone’s life can make a huge difference in a community. What surprised us the most today was that a simple mural can change and brighten up the lives of the children.  What we are most proud of today is how we all came together in the end to finish the project. The most inspiring people that we met today had to be the children because they came to watch, support, and help us even though they had no school today.

Lider del Dia today was filled with stress when the group members wouldn’t drink their water when they were asked to as well as making sure the mural was up to everyone’s expectations. However, Lider del Dia today was full of excitement and sadness. We made sure everyone had the energy to complete the mural and make it look the best it could with motivational speeches and constant reminders that we could get it done.

Since this was the last full day in Guaranda, the group celebrated during dinner and cried during the nightly meeting. This showed how much we have come together as a family. We all learned today that we should be grateful for what we have at home. We all enjoyed this trip very much and cannot begin to explain the emotions that ensued after the Nightly Meeting tonight. We will all continue to grow and spread our knowledge that we have gained from this trip.

Tomorrow is the day we depart and hopefully don’t get stuck another night in Texas.

Thank you all for your patience and support. See you soon?


Jesus Henriquez, Ava Carney, and Ruby Gomez