My name is Ocean Spikes and my rose for today was the nutella pancakes and strawberries that were served special for my birthday breakfast. I chose to be leader of the day on my birthday because today was originally supposed to be free day and I wanted a very easy and smooth day.  After finally coming up with agreements after the meeting where 6 kids went home, we were behind by 2 days.

In order to catch up, we used our free day to go shopping for the materials for our CAP project. We went on a mission in the city of Bonao in our work groups and each group was able to get the materials they needed.  A few us got lost on our way to the store but lucky we ran into Rosa and Angelo who were leaving the hardware store. When we returned we prepped for English classes. My class went extremely smooth. Some of the children even apologized in English for their disrespectful behavior during the previous class which really touched us. Sadly our last class is this Wednesday and our English tutoring shall come to an end. During dinner everyone wished me a happy birthday, then I began cleaning the tables to prepare for the nightly meeting. I was beyond surprised when Rosa walked out of the kitchen holding an amazing chocolate birthday cake. The cooks came over and smeared icing on my face and at that moment I was truly happy. I was happy because I know everyone tried their hardest to make this day beyond spectacular. They all knew that I would usually be at home celebrating with my family and friends but i was beyond thankful to celebrate it here with in the Dominican Republic.