“The ones who are crazy enough to think they can change the world, are the ones who do” – Steve Jobs

Today while working we were thinking about the question of the day which was, What do you see as the biggest challenges and rewards of this project? This morning we jumped back into CAP day two with heightened enthusiasm. Once we arrived at Fundación Betesda we continued mixing and pouring cement to build the foundation for the community building. We also put up three more pillars for the foundation and brought water from the canal when the plumbing ceased to work. We organized into groups to divide the work. Some people transported rocks and sand to where others were waiting to mix the ingredients together to create the cement. Once the cement was mixed some people created a chain to transport the cement around the building to were other people were pouring the cement to create the foundation.

In today’s activities we showed commitment by continuing to work relentlessly in the pounding sun without hesitation. We showed compassion for those were sick or injured and were courageous in our pursuit of accomplishing what we set out to do.

When reflecting on the work we had accomplished today we came to see that our hard work was making a meaningful impact, although some of us were tired or injured we persevered because we knew that the reward was worth the struggles each of us went through.

By creating pillars for stability and the foundation of Fundacion Betesda, we solidified our impact on the Llacan community and strengthen not only our own bodies and minds but the cohesion of our group. With this, we can take home a sense of a stronger community and the willingness to provide the aid that our own communities need back home in the Bay Area.

Click here for a video of our bucket brigade!

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