Today we woke up at 6 am and prepared ourselves for the third and final day of our CAP project. We headed to El Comedor to have beans and thick-cut banana chips with cream. After, we walked to El Asilo to finish our CAP project. It was a pretty easy day; all the teams were working on the finishing touches of their different responsibilities. The construction team worked on finishing the roof of the chicken coop, the home decor team finished the nesting boxes and the sawdust floor, and the art team finished painting the nesting boxes and the wall of hand-prints that everyone contributed to. Once it was all done, two representatives from each team spoke about the accomplishments of each segment. We presented our final project to the youth group and one of the nuns that runs the elderly home. They were very grateful for our contributions because the work we did allows for more efficient means of care, which in turn also allows the employees to spend more time with the elders themselves. We then explained to them how we were very grateful as well,  for their willingness to open their facilities to us and for allowing us to partner with them for a greater good. After a quick clean-up of the work area, we all headed back to the hostel for a lunch composed of chicken, rice, a variety of sides, and a carrot-orange juice drink.

After finishing lunch, we started our letters of appreciation. Our letters of appreciation were to all the donors that helped fund our trips and make this amazing opportunity available to us. These letters included our own personal story, our dreams, our struggles, our reasons for wanting to go on this trip, our adventures on the trip itself, our most memorable moment, and our plans on how we will use this experience in our future. These letters also served as a great means of self reflection for everyone; it really helped put our trip into perspective.

We went to English tutoring after dinner and enjoyed one of the last few classes that we would be having with our amazing students. Then we headed back to the hostel for our nightly meeting and period of self-reflection. Tonight’s self-reflection focused on our abilities as well as our progress made as a group and as individuals. We also discussed questions such as whether or not one person can make an impact on the world, and what we would take away from our experiences gained through the CAP project. We all gained a lot from this discussion and have grown as people throughout this journey. Overall, it was another wonderful day in Granada, Nicaragua. We can’t wait to see you all back home! xoxo


More Pictures Coming Soon!