Hey guys! Today was a very productive day which included the beginning of our first community outreach project. We started the day off at 7am and ate a delicious BEAKFAST. Around 9am we left on the bus to El Cacique. El Cacique is the community that we are helping to improve their community center.

Once we arrived, we started off slow, but went in with the goal to accomplish everything we had planned. We envisioned to work work work work work work with perseverance and teamwork, we managed to accomplish the majority of our goals. Everyone was pushing through the heat to achieve their individual group goals. Around 1pm, we ate lunch served to us by the local community. Our lunch included rice, pork, and salad. We made sure to stay fully hydrated with our water bottles. After a nice long break, which was much needed, we dove back into work. Everyone broke sweat and managed to work super hard. It was also nice when the community gave us homemade avena juice. After working a total day of about 9 hours, we had ice cream and finished cleaning up. We got on the bus and drove to the local Dominican grocery store called La Sirena. Our GG leaders gave us more ice cream, which was pretty snazzy. We got back to our hostel and ate dinner with pear juice. 🙂 That was an overview of our whole amazing day.

We all learned values of hard work as well as teamwork. It doesn’t matter how something gets done as long as it GETS DONE with courage, compassion, and commitment. Today everyone was able to see how, when a community is in need, no matter how small, everyone works together to help. Some highlights of today include; playing with children, eating homemade lunch, bonding with our fellow glimpsers, and having not one but SEVERAL SWEET TREATS. The day was balanced out with work and much needed breaks.

We now have less than three days of this trip to go and it has honestly been such a life changing experience. Living in a completely new environment. Building an appreciation for the DR’s culture, politics, and daily lifestyles. Tomorrow we will complete our CAP project. We hope to continue the hard work and determination we had today for the new day. *microphone drop* 🙂