We started the day off waking up early and getting ready to gather materials for our first day of CAP project to come. When we arrived to Laderas De Laguna we first cleaned the school and then we proceeded to paint the school and found out that it was a bigger challenge than we initially anticipated. There were difficulties since there was no water at the school, there weren’t enough materials for everyone and we were lacking experience and background knowledge on how to even paint. Frustration was very evident in everyone’s faces and our time management wasn’t the best. But our passion and commitment to the school and it’s students are what caused us to continue driving forward.

Even though we had a rough start to the day we were able to learn from our mistakes and develop a new plan on how to tackle the project and organize everything. After planning our next CAP project day we began to start our English tutoring prep for our following English tutoring class, where we were able to get our minds off of our challenges earlier and just be engaged in teaching. Which in turn led us to become more enthused and energized throughout the rest of our day. So even though the day didn’t start off as planned, we learned how to better communicate with each other and be flexible.