Hey everyone! It’s Sammy just giving you an update of our first CAP day. Everyone woke up at 6:00 today and we then headed over to buffet Estelí for the famous eggs, gallo pinto, and tortilla chips. After our extravagant breakfast we came back to Hostel Tomabu to finish any last minute CAP purchases. Next, we loaded onto the bus for our favorite ride to Robledal, for those of you who don’t know this ride is extremely bumpy making it impossible to sleep.

IMG_2049Once we arrived to the village we unloaded our supplies and set to work. I’m the leader of the fence project and the project started off quite bumpy after figuring out that we were given false information and we’re actually building a much bigger fence then originally planned. That being said we worked through the problem and finished digging all the post holes.   On the other hand the bathroom and painting group found their projects to go quite smoothly, the painting group ended up finishing painting the outside walls and Sara got a good start on sketching her mural.

DSCN0490After a quick lunch break we figured out that we did all we could today due to the fact that we hadn’t purchased all of our materials and called it quits for the day at around 1:00. After another pleasant bus ride we got back to our hostel and went out to buy more stuff for CAP. Sadly due to the fact that I got really sick last night and today, I stayed in bed and took a short nap. After buying supplies everyone came back and headed to dinner.

Next we had a short nightly meeting that ended at 6:30 and now everyone is hanging out either on the terrace or in their rooms. Today was a great day full of hard work. Even though everyone is having a great time here it’s safe to say everyone is ready to return home and take everything we’ve learned here and apply it to our normal lives. This is my last time blogging and thanks to everyone for reading! I hope you all have enjoyed reading about our trip as much as we have enjoyed living it!

PS: Love you mom, dad, Emily, Cody, coco, and Sarah! I miss all of you so much and can’t wait to see you guys! 🙂