Hi friends and family! Today we started our community action project. This project was created to help brighten and motivate young children at Las Cruces, a community near the city’s dump, by decorating their preschool. We started off the day by going around the town in search for supplies while others stayed behind to work on the logistics and designs. After we had a quick lunch, we headed out to start working with the community.

During this afternoon of work, we painted the preschool classroom that is currently being built to make the environment more inviting. We also started working on cubbies for the students’ supplies and started building a fence to keep the animals from disrupting the students while they are learning.

At 5:30 we left the community to go back home for a delicious dinner. We then had a seminar to learn about writing reflection and appreciation letters. By 9:00 we completed our nightly meeting where we went over how we felt throughout the day and finished with our favorite part, Big Love. At 10:00 we went back into our rooms to have a good night’s sleep for the next CAP day to come.