Hey Friends and Families! This is Joey and Edgar, Los Lideres Del Día. Today, we kicked off the first day of our Community Action Project (CAP) in the amazing community of Nuario! We began the day by waking up at 7:00 am followed up with a lovely breakfast provided by our beautiful staff here at Hotel Piamonte. Everything ran smoothly until we hit an obstacle: The bus that was supposed to take us to Nuario was running a tad late, so we had to improvise. We decided to have a little energizer before the big day ahead of us which was a game of telephone! Then, we used the rest of our time to get ahead of our English tutoring prep so we will have more time later in the afternoon to relax.


At 9:30am we headed onto Nuario with our one and only bus driver Ronald! On the way there, we ran into a minor thorn: the trunk of the bus unexpectedly opened in the middle of the road! A few items fell out and we noticed a little late, but our wonderful track star program coordinator Nathan went out and looked for the items while we headed to Nuario. We first arrived at La Escuela de Nuario, where half of our students worked on creating a not only nice-looking garden, but also a source of education where students from Nuario will learn the importance of the environment and reforestation. The second half of the group worked from Boni’s house and started expanding and renovating their nursery plants. We were all so focused on helping the community of Nuario that we even worked while it was raining cats and dogs(metaphor)! We momentarily stopped our hard work to eat some A1 sandwiches provided by our yet again amazing Hotel Piamonte staff. Once we received our nutrition, we felt ready to get down and dirty. We worked on the project for a few more hours, headed back home, and were given the time to shower and get dressed to teach English to our eager and determined students of Ifarhu (school In Las Tablas).

After our English tutoring session at Ifarhu, we returned to our Hotel to finish the day with a little debrief of what went down on this very hectic day. Furthermore, the group shared their experience about the day, and we are now ready to continue our Community Action Project tomorrow!