Today was a mix of work and play. In the AM after the infamous Onaney Desayuno (Breakfast) we went back to Hotel D’Angel to work on our Community Action Project Plans. When we were last at Saboneta we asked various families questions in regard to what they needed within their community. Unbeknownst to us there was a consensus that they needed help in finding the shelter in the event of a natural disaster.

During todays seminar, I, Ms. E and Janice Global Glimpse, DR coordinator worked together to gather the students to brainstorm where to begin supporting a community to safety and in turn finding shelter. At our delegation meeting we discussed the ideas and decided to create a logo that designates a shelter. With this, we broke the delegation into 5 groups and they each designed a logo. We then voted and chose a logo to reproduce in small, medium and large sizes to apply on the sides of homes, tree trunks and on flat areas of roads. However, we now have to present this to the community. Three groups will be presenting next Tuesday, “The purpose, the solution and plan in which we will take to bring shelter and safety to the community with fruition.”

After our meeting we had some well needed rest and relaxation with free time and then went to the Mayor’s house for an amazing pool party with the entire delegation and the Global Glimpse Ambassadors of San Juan De la Maguana!!!!

We are a community and family, and continue to explore, project and embody compassion, courage and commitment! I am so lucky to be a leader for such an amazing delegation!

Once again happiness prevails with commitment and love, from DR… with Ms. E and Mr. Holman.