Hello my fellow jellos,

So today was CAP day 3!!!!!!! or the final day for our CAP. I hope that you have been able to follow the work that we have been doing up to this point. Today was probably the most stressful day because it was crunch time! We started today was half of all our projects done, but by the end of the day, it was all good! Our day was like the former CAP days in the sense of the schedule, but i personally believe that we did the most work today. Since we all knew that our time working at ADIC was over today, everyone worked well together and really hard. The mural was completed in no time, and the construction team built seven wonderful and strong tables. The garden group worked hard all day cleaning all the garden areas and transporting new soil for the garden. It was all hard work, and it turned out wonderful. Although we faced some challenges through out the last three days, it all turned out good. I hope you all have enjoyed following our project! Peace OUT GURL SCOUTS! and BOI SCOUTS!

-Noah Seto

ps. we all can’t wait to see you all on MONDAY! 🙂IMG_1764 IMG_1790 IMG_1778 IMG_1759 IMG_1752 IMG_1747 IMG_1735 IMG_1733 IMG_1730 IMG_1727 IMG_1725 IMG_1723 IMG_1716 IMG_1709 IMG_1494