On this day we finished our most challenging yet rewarding experiences of the trip. Returning to Ceramica Negra, the group had a calm and focused drive to finish what we had started the previous week. We learned as a group that everybody has different things to contribute to the project. We learned to accommodate everybody’s needs and special skills.  The group did a great job overcoming challenges such as construction speedbumps and limited resources  by quick thinking and an incredible amount of team work.  It was surprising how easy it was to lead this group of leaders in a collaboration of construction magic.  We are most proud of being able to help the cooperative of women in need grow their business and spread their beautiful and rare artwork.  Collaborating with these women was incredibly inspiring.  The most inspiring person of that day was Luz Marina, the president of the cooperative.  Seeing how much she cared about our presence in their community and how much she cared about her craft was truly inspirational and it’s great to see that even though their living conditions are quite severe, they are still passionate, happy people doing what they love. This role model made being the leader of the day easier than anticipated as we had a lot to control. We both learned that through teamwork and dedication you can change people’s lives.  shout out to all the families out there.