Today we started with a 7:30 wake-up call and began with a healthy, balanced breakfast. We headed over to Bajo Corral around 9am to start the second CAP day. After arriving, we broke off into our same groups and picked up where we left off in our project. Overall, we had a very productive day. Everyone completed what needed to be done by the afternoon and teamed up to help other groups when our individual assignments finished up.

After, we headed home to shower and prepare ourselves for our second-to-last English tutoring class at IFARHU. During dinner we shared energy and encouraging words to keep everyone’s spirit high during tutoring.

After tutoring we returned home for our Nightly Meeting and some bonding time where we played musical chairs. Yes, we really played musical chairs! And it was intense! We loved getting to laugh and dance with everyone today at Bajo Corral and at home. As the days come to an end, it feels bittersweet. We’ve become close and comfortable with one another although we miss our families, we are becoming one of our own.

We love and miss you all we can’t wait to get home and tell you more about our wonderful time here in Panama.