Hello, my name is Kian Reno and I will be a senior at Davis Senior High School. I was the leader of the day for yesterday but because we got back so late I had to write about it this morning. We knew it would be a very tough day because we had to finish everything for the CAP.


Since we had so much to do we voted to head to Los Niños Del Fortin an hour earlier than usual.  Wake up call was at 5:30 so we could eat breakfast and be there by 7:00.  Once there, everyone split up into their own groups to finish all the projects. I checked in with everyone periodically to make sure we wouldn’t have to stay longer than planned.  We had lunch delivered to Los Niños Del Fortin and only took a short break before we were back to working.  Every group ran into their own speed bumps but did a great job problem solving and working as a group to think of solutions.  Overall everything looked great but we were all extremely tired because we spent eleven hours working there just yesterday.  The very last thing we did was our handprints both in the classroom and out on the planter boxes we made.  Somehow a paint war broke out and most of us ended up with paint all over our bodies.  The problem was we got paint everywhere so it took even longer to clean it all up.


Once we finished up at Los Niños Del Fortin we took the bus back to the hostel for both the self reflection and Nightly Meeting. Everyone was extremely tired and hungry for these meetings so we started to rush through them a bit.  The pizza we ordered came right as we finished the Nightly Meeting and I passed the hat to the next Leader Del Dia.


After the nightly meeting we went dancing at a club where we stayed until 12:00.  We came back and all had sleep overs.  All the guys stayed in the suite and all the girls had to cram into one tiny room.  I thought that as a group we did an amazing job working hard and staying motivated even though we were so tired.  It was also great being able to still have a lot of fun at the club.


Buenos Dias,

Kian Reno