Today we woke up bright and early at 6:30 am, ate breakfast, and went to Ninos con una Esperanza to start implementing our CAP project: repainting their basketball court with three sets of lines for different sports, building two soccer goals from scratch, and buying new sports equipment. During the long bus ride, we all dozed off or talked quietly to our neighbors, exhausted but excited for what we would accomplish today. After arriving, we gathered our supplies, split up into different groups, and began to work. While we blasted music from Mia’s mom’s iPod and sang/danced along, one group painted the court with a gray base coat, while the others assembled the frames of the goals and cut and tied together string to create the nets. Despite a few moments of uncertainty and occasional disagreements, we were able to work together efficiently and focus on the task at hand: being able to make a difference in the lives of the children there. Though we had limited time, we accomplished much today and hope to be able to finish the project strong tomorrow.

After the bus ride back to La Fundacion (in which many selfies and pictures of sleeping Glimpsers were taken), we prepped for our English classes, and helped them get ready for their talent show tomorrow, in which each class will be able to show off what they learned during our time here in a short performance. Though we’re sad to say goodbye to our students, we’re excited to see their performances and celebrate the progress they have made.

After dinner, we signed the beautiful card that Justin made for Israel, the founder of La Fundacion, and expressed our appreciation for his hospitality and kindness every day. We also wrote the final drafts of our letters of appreciation to Global Glimpse’s donors, who made our amazing experience here possible with their generosity.