Hey boys and girls!

Today being our last CAP day, had made an eventful last bonding experience. As LDD (leaders of the day) we strive for creating a fun last experience for the group, by organizing friends into groups and creating a strategic game plan to smoothen out the days work. Starting off the day, we awoke at 6:25, singing the state farm commercial jingle because why not. Then we continued our morning with a classic breakfast at La Estancia with my personal favorite choice of food EGGS AND BREAD, which I had three servings of! After, we made our way to FAE, played a  fun energizer, and then started working on the classrooms. Since we were able to get a lot of work done during the last two CAP days, today we only had 4 more classrooms to finish which went by very quickly. The hardest part of leaving the school today was saying goodbye to the kids we had been playing with for the last three days. On the ride back we played our favorite game, MEGA UNO, and once we arrived back at the hotel we had our final free time. During this free time, we explored the city once more and bought any last-minute items we still needed. When our free time ended, we had a surprise activity which consisted of watching a movie and eating so much ice cream and chips to the point where dinner was a hassle. After our final dinner at La Estancia, we had our last nightly meeting where we shared our roses and thorns of the day, had a CAP self-reflection, and passed the torch on to Gaby!