Today the wakeup call was at 7, people had an hour to get ready and at 8 we had breakfast which included pancakes with melon and cereal. We had a last minute mental warmup where we talked about aid and development. At 9 Thomas came to pick us up and take us to Francisco de Rosario Sanchez park where we started working as soon as we got there. We all helped clean the park and we got started on some of the painting. We ate lunch at 12 continued to work at 1 until 3. We got to the accommodation at 3:15, everyone took a shower changed clothes did what they had to do. After that we all had free time where people went to buy snacks or souvenirs. While everyone was out it started to rain, so we all ran back before 5 and just hung out at the hotel. We had dinner at 7 and ended the day with a nightly meeting at 8.

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